lunedì 11 luglio 2011
I'm a little behind in posting Izzie's 2nd birthday, only 3 days late, not bad. We haven't yet celebrated her birthday since we are waiting for my Mom to arrive from the States. Apparently we won't have many attendees because everyone is heading off to the beach and vacation during this time, which I don't blame them. The heat is ferocious and if I could, I myself would be floating in the ocean. Problem is, at this point I might be confused with a whale! :)

My poor Izzie celebrated her 2nd birthday at the birthing clinic where she was born, I am having CTG monitoring done more often now that I'm getting closer to Sophie's EDD. I'm just glad Izzie still doesn't understand birthdays, but I know she's going to enjoy her party. Below is a picture of Izzie while at lunch on her birthday and then at a summer party we attended the day after. Of course I'll be posting pics of her birthday party. Until then...take care!
-Mamma Jenn
Enjoying some yummy pasta!

Playing in the sand!

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